"A Square Studios' is an architecture & interior design firm set up by Architect Aman Ahuja in Kanpur, India, and involved in residential, institutional and corporate projects. For us, design is a participatory and an exploratory process, a process of research, exploration and refinement. It involves initial spontaneous response in a design, coupled by open ended explorations. Designs are developed as responsive, that are characteristic of the purpose, place and people. Our architecture plays up on specificness and local nuances. Inspirations and peculiarities are gathered from place or people and given expression. It is about making an effort to understand and reveal the reality of things through a poetic expression. An essential concern has been to develop architectural environment that are of qualitative character. Also integrated planning and thinking out of the box are a crucial emphasis. The firm's vision is to develop a sensible,functional, imaginative and innovative architecture in India.

  • 1433, RBI Colony, Neemeshwar MahaMandir Society, Ratan Lal Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208022
  • +91-8957645153


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